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Disney Vacation Countdown Ideas

Ways top pass the time while you wait for your Disney vacation!


"How many days until our trip?" and "When are we going to Disney World?" are questions you are likely to hear again and again as soon as you let your family know you are planning a Disney vacation. Having a way to count the days can make it easier on everyone — kids can check the number of days at a glance, and mom and dad won't have to answer the same question each day. Read on for some great countdown ideas, and enjoy the time leading up to your Disney vacation.

Mark the calendar: It sounds silly, but simply having the date marked on a calendar in plain view will help. Let the kids decorate the week with Mickey Mouse and Disney themed stickers, and post the calendar in a busy room like the kitchen. Older kids will be able to count the days, and little ones will be able to have a better visual of just "when" you are going as well.

Make a chain: Make an old fashioned paper chain using Disney themed papers (look in the scrapbook section of your local craft store for some great papers). Make one link for each day of your trip, and tear a link each night before you go to bed. If you have small children who are learning their numbers, count the links each night. Hang the chain in a visible area for a great visual reminder of just "how many days" are left.

Make a "thermometer": Draw or trace a thermometer image onto poster board, and color in a little each day, so that everyone can see at a glance how far off your trip is. You don't have to use a traditional thermometer — you can use Disney paper and cut any shape you'd like to represent your trip.

Fill a balloon: If you are feeling crafty, trace or print out a balloon shape onto poster board and hang it in a visible area. Use a Mickey Mouse paper punch to cut "Mickey Heads" from colorful paper. Cut one head for each day until your trip. Each day, attach another "head" with glue. When the balloon is full, it is time to go!

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