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Disney World's Extra Magic Hours Program

Extended Theme Park Hours for Disney Resort Guests Only


Voyage of the Little Mermaid show in Disney's Hollywood Studios

Enjoy attractions like the Voyage of the Little Mermaid during Extra Magic Hours.

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About Extra Magic Hours (EMH):

A different theme park is open for an extended period in the morning or evening in Disney World. This time period is a time for guests staying at a Disney resort to enjoy some private time in one of the theme parks. Head to the "park of the day" to enjoy your favorite rides with minimal waiting in line.

Select rides and attractions are open in each theme park during Extra Magic Hours, these attractions are listed on the theme park schedule for the day. Check these links for participating theme park rides and tips for enjoying Extra Magic Hours:

Who can attend Extra Magic Hours:

Extra Magic Hours are for resort guests only, and a valid theme park ticket and resort I.D. is required for park admission.

How to use the Extra Magic Hours:

When you check in to your Disney resort, you will receive a schedule that lists the EMH park of the day for each day of your visit. Days and times will vary, so consult your schedule as you make plans for each day of your trip.

Show up at the Disney World theme park of the day with your park ticket and resort I.D. (in some cases, your ticket and resort room key will be on the same card). Show this card to gain early admission to the park, or to stay late in the evening. You do not need to purchase an extra ticket to take advantage of this program.

Tips for using:

  • Arrive early for Extra Magic Hours. Don't be alarmed if you see a large crowd waiting to enter the park. Disney theme parks are huge, and you will be able to walk right on to most attractions during Extra Magic hours.
  • Allow for extra travel time on EMH days if you are using the Disney transportation system. Many of your fellow resort guests will be heading to the same place at the same time.
  • Grab breakfast on the go, or plan on having a snack after the morning Extra Magic Hours, so you don't waste time stopping for breakfast.
  • You can still use the rider switch program during Extra Magic Hours.
  • Head for busy rides like Dumbo the Flying Elephant or Space Mountain and bypass rides with minimal wait times like the TriCera Top Spin to get the most from your extra hours.

Long line alert! If you sleep late or are not a Disney resort guest, avoid the Extra Magic Hour park of the day. The park will be filled with extra guests, resulting in longer than normal wait times for everyone in the middle portion of the day.

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