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Safety Tips for Your Disney Vacation

Keeping your family safe, happy, and healthy at Disney World


Traveling to Disney? Make sure everyone in your party stays safe for the duration of your Disney vacation. While Disney theme parks and resorts are designed to maximize your fun, they are very busy, making it easy to lose track of a small child in the crowd. There are a few things you can do to make sure you stay safe, happy, and healthy on your next Disney vacation.

Pack sunblock — and use it: If you are not used to the extreme heat of the Florida sun, you may be in for a shock. Make sure every member of your party wears sunblock, and reapplies it often throughout the day.

Stay cool and hydrated:If you are in Disney World on a hot day, make sure you stay hydrated, and make sure the smallest members of your party do as well. On the hottest days, consider heading back to your resort pool for a few hours in the afternoon to beat the heat.

Tip: Check out some of the great frosty snacks available at Disney World and stay cool while you tour your favorite theme park.

Pack and use hand sanitizer: Thousands of people touch the surface of rides, doors, and counter tops each day. A small bottle of hand sanitizer can go a long way towards keeping everyone in your party healthy and germ free.

Wear matching shirts: For families traveling with small children, consider choosing a single color for each day. You will be able to spot each other easily in a crowd, and if you all wear the same color it is easy to remember — just look at your own shirt to determine what the "color of the day" is.

Keep track of small children when entering and leaving attractions: Some large volume Disney theme park attractions can let hundreds of people into or out of a theater at one time, making it easy to lose track of your little ones. Carry your child in huge crowds, or hold on tight when exiting busy, show style attractions.

Note the location of exits for bathrooms and rides: Some restrooms and Disney theme park rides have multiple exits, and your kids could come out in an entirely different location than you expect.

Choose a meeting place: Take a second to choose a meeting place in each Disney theme park, and make sure every member of your family knows where to go if they are lost. This is particularly important for kids who are old enough to wander off, but don't have a cell phone.

Tell your kids how to find help: If your child is lost, he or she should stay put for a few minutes, to give you time to find them. Staying near the last ride or attraction you visited makes it easy for you to spot them. If they do need help, then instruct them to seek out a Disney cast member (look for the uniform and name tag), instead of asking a random stranger.

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