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Disney On A Dime

The Bottom Line

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Disney On A Dime
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While we're no fan of the Disney on a Dime title, the book does deliver information and advice that will surely save you money on your next trip to Walt Disney World.

Maximum Fun Without Maxing Out Your Credit Cards

Authors Chris and Kristal Carlson firmly believe that you should plan and budget your Walt Disney World vacation ahead of time and not resort to maxing out your credit cards for your fun in the Orlando sun. They certainly provide some novel savings methods to help you stash away the cash before your trip.

The book's strength, however, is their patient explanation of all the options you have among the bewildering array of Disney parks, tickets, parking and hotels, as well as the off-site hotels.

What is the best option? Well, it depends on your meal preferences, length of stay, whether you are going to visit other Orlando attractions or stay on Disney property; and, even on the number of people in your group.

For instance, Disney has few hotel accommodations that sleep a family of five (unless one is an infant). They have strict rules regarding the number of people in a room, so you can't bed down a kid or two in sleeping bags on the floor. No Disney hotel offers a free continental breakfast either, so breakfast costs may out weigh the cost of parking if you stay in an off-property hotel and drive to the parks.

It's The Little Things That Add Up

You can't do a lot about the ticket costs — which rise every year — but there are options that may allow you to visit more of the parks and on more days than if you buy single park/day tickets. They warn you that it is the little expenses that add up fast. Meals and souvenirs are quite expensive in the parks. They tell you how to save on those costs. Even bottled water costs $2.50 (or is it $3.00 now??), so they even suggest how to limit the number of them that you buy.

On the back of the book cover they offer a money-back guarantee on the book, if you don't save at least $200 on your next trip to Walt Disney World. They probably have never had to pay up.

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