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Vegetarian's Guide to Disney World

Finding Meat-Free Meals in Disney World


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You'll find meat-free salads, soups, entrees and more at Disney World.

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Vegetarian Dining in Disney World:

Disney World is one of the easiest vacation spots in the world for vegetarians to find a great meal. You can expect the typical high caliber Disney response to your needs, and you'll find vegetarian dishes at just about every dining location. No matter where you are, or what your budget, you'll find some tasty choices in the theme parks and resorts.

Best Vegetarian Dining Spots by Location:

10 Best Disney Snacks (all but #8 are vegetarian, some are vegan)

Disney Dining Tips for Vegetarians:

  • Just about every table service location offers a vegetarian entree. Some locales offer more choices than others, so consult the individual theme park list to get your best bets.
  • If you don't see a vegetarian option on the menu, let your server know your needs, they can consult with the chef and come up with some options.
  • Most counter service and snack locations offer vegetarian choices; some locations have vegan options as well.
  • Don't overlook beverages — all of the best Disney beverages are vegetarian-friendly!
  • Coffee stops like Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom offer waffles, pastries and ice cream, without a meat option in sight.
  • Items can often be made vegetarian by excluding the meat part of the dish.
  • Buffets offer a wide variety of options and are a great bet for families with varied dining preferences. Many character dining locations are buffets, so bring your camera and meet your favorite characters as you dine.
  • Be wary of soups; some contain chicken broth, even if they are labeled "Vegetable" or "Cream". Ask about ingredients to confirm. 
  • While several Chinese dining locations offer meals that sound vegetarian, they are often cooked or served in chicken broth.
  • Teppan Edo offers some of the best vegetables in Epcot, but they are prepared alongside beef, chicken and shellfish; skip this one if the sight or smell of meat being prepared is a problem for you.
  • Many burger locations now offer a Garden Burger, even if it is not clearly indicated on the menu board.

If you are making Advanced Dining Reservations for a table service restaurant, have your needs noted right with the reservation; many locations can prepare something special for you if they know your needs in advance.

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