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Disney World Resort Dining


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Disney World Resorts Food Courts
Everything Pop Dining

Everything Pop Dining at Disney's Pop Century Resort

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Disney World's value- and moderate-priced resorts feature quick-service food courts that include a wide variety of menu offerings — hamburgers, barbeque, pizza and various home-style dinner items — and all include children's menus with kiddie favorites.

These are not your boring mall food courts. All are decorated in themes that compliment the resort. While they all seem to have remarkably good food considering the value price, the most fun food court has to be Pop Century's "Everything Pop Dining" where sandwiches and cheesecake are tie-died and fried chicken and whipped potatoes are served in a retro tv-tray. Besides, you'll love telling the kids and grandkids that you "remember when!"

All-Star Movies Resort - World Premiere Food Court Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $

All-Star Music Resort - Intermission Food Court Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $ - $$

All-Star Sports Resort - End Zone Fast Food Court Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $

Caribbean Beach Resort - Old Port Royale, Market Street Food Court Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $

Coronado Springs Resort - Pepper Market Food Court Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner $ - $$

Pop Century Resort - Everything Pop Dining Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $

Port Orleans: French Quarter Resort - Sassaqoula Floatworks and Food Factory Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner $

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