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The Beaches of Disney World


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The Beaches of Disney World's Resorts: Caribbean Beach Resort
Caribbean Beach Resort Beach

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort Beach

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Welcome to the Caribbean... Caribbean Beach Resort, that is. This sprawling resort is divided into six colorful villages — Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad North and Trinidad South — each with its own sandy beach. Some of the resort's beaches are larger than others, but all are stocked with plenty of lounge chairs and a few colorful umbrellas. In addition to the ample number and size of these beaches, small sandy hideaways with welcoming hammocks are scattered throughout the resort. I saw several guests taking advantage of these peaceful places to read a book or nap.

The recently renovated resort rooms are small, but well-appointed and one village holds a surprise for guests... pirate-themed rooms! Young swashbucklers are sure to let imaginations soar into dreams of high sea adventures when they are tucked into their pirate ship beds each evening.

It is at this resort's gift shop at the Old Town Royale location that you will find a great selection of beach-related gear — sunscreen, goggles, flip flops, beach towels and more. At $4.95, the Castle Sand Pail kit, that includes a small shovel and the castle which doubles as a pail and a sand mold, is a bargain and is sure to keep the kids busy for hours.

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